I have always been a huge fan of Southwest Airlines. I love the way the company operates as well as their marketing and advertising approaches. 

I've spent a lot of the last month traveling and flew Southwest Airlines for each trip and love the airlines new "Transfarency" campaign. 


On one of my flights, I read the in-flight magazine and an article about how the Transfarency campaign came to life.

The cover of the in-flight magazine was a foggy window with the word "Transfarency" hand written into the condensation with the tagline "Not just a new word, but a philosophy." underneath. With Southwest, customers don't feel like they are being tricked or duped into paying higher rates and fares for the same flight they can get on any airline. There are not random or miscellaneous fees that don't seem to actually buy you anything. Southwest has earned the customer's trust and  don't feel like you're getting tricked or duped.

An ad inside the magazine caught my attention and I thought it was very clever and fitting for the campaign. The first page was a piece of vellum paper with a dictionary style definition of the new word transfarency. When you lifted the vellum paper, page two of the ad reads "Low fares. Nothing to hide." Straight forward and simple. Nothing to hide. The clear vellum paper is a way to represent that transparency and open communication to customers via a print ad. 

The airline is also well known for allowing their employees to have fun on the job and showcase their personalities and this also ties in well with Transfarency. They don't require employees to hide who they are. Employees are allowed to have fun. This typically means the employees enjoy their jobs, thus improving the overall customer experience.

I applaud Southwest for the new Transfarency campaign and am a huge fan of it. It fits the vibe of the company very well and almost seems like a no brainer that this would be the company's campaign because of how well it encompasses the mission, brand, and spirit.