The Run

TL;DR - i hate this

Pepper spray falls out of my gym bag as I grab headphones. I live in a small mountain town, I’ll go three miles TOPS, I never run with it, it’s still light out anyway, I don’t need it.

Wrapping up my run and it’s getting dim. A cyclist has been behind me for a few blocks, he probably lives nearby. He stops across from my house. A few guys (neighbors i have never met) are sitting in a car down the little dirt road that is our driveway and I hate this. And I hate that I hate this.

I decide to run down the street PAST my house - several times - rather than pass all these guys to go home. I don’t need any of them knowing where I live or where I keep my spare house key and I hate this.

Cyclist follows me down the dirt driveway, that ONLY goes to my house, asking about my run and my night. I awkwardly laugh and keep moving, quickly. And I hate this.

Neighbors repeatedly catcall me from the car. I want to shoot them a dirty look, but open my car door and pretend to fumble around so I don’t have to look up. They drive by and whistle and I hate this.

Sure, nothing happened and likely wouldn’t have. BUT THIS IS NOTHING NEW and I hate this.

A few of my favorite publications (@runnersworldmag @outsidemagazine) have talked A LOT about women doing things alone lately. I do over 60% of my outdoor activities alone. I read more on Mollie Tibbetts today.

#MilesForMollie is encouraging women to reclaim running and running solo. We’re “not going to let our fear keep us from going outside”. But is it wrong to say that sometimes I might...?

Know when something feels off. I don’t have any answers, but I hate this.