A few months ago, when the winter season ended, I picked up a second job. I now work part time at an ice cream shop in my little resort town for some supplementary income. They say you’re not a Summit County local until you have more than one job.

I love working at the ice cream shop. It provides the flexibility in hour that my full time career requires, brings in happy groups of friends and families, and most of all I really really enjoy my coworkers. Work is generally the most entertaining part of my day.

I recently had an ice cream epiphany.

By my made up calculations, at least 65% of all ice cream shop customers ask for sprinkles on top at the end. At first I thought, "Why do so many people want sprinkles?! They literally do nothing to positively contribute to your ice cream. They are just little crunchies. Basically flavorless. More sugar for your sugary treat."

Enter the epiphany: Sprinkles have one job and on job only - to bring joy.

Now I have a new appreciation for sprinkles and understanding of the excitement that comes with them.

Shameless plug: Go check out Stir-Pan Creamery in Breckenridge, Colorado. It's ice cream like you've never seen before. All your own Thai rolled ice cream in the heart of Summit County.