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In my world, the term was once a name someone called you in middle school if you were a "poser". Usually this meant you were not quite emo or alternative enough to be considered cool.
See also: Urban Dictionary definition circa 2005.

Now the connotations I associate with the word are very different. Definition below courtesy of my favorite dictionary, Merriam-Webster. Yes, I have a favorite dictionary and it should be yours too.

Having followers and a following on social media is generally considered a good thing. I follow the opinions, teachings, and work of several people in the photo, video, content, design, and creative industries. And in the secondary definition of the word, yes I probably would chase after some of the humans that I follow.

Here are some of the individuals I follow - online only, maybe one day I'll get to chase a few down and meet them in person. Check them out. Become followers.


Photographers & Videographers

Maybe you've already heard of Rory Kramer - Freelance Videographer/Content Creator/ recent star of his own MTV show, the Jauncey brothers (Tom Jauncey & Jeremy Jauncey) - founders of the Beautiful Destinations empire, Jacob Riglin - Director of Content at Beautiful Destinations, Jay Alvarrez - Content Creator, and Abe Kislevitz - Media at GoPro. If not, start with them, then move on to my list below. 

Most of these link to Instagram profiles and many of these individuals have YouTube channels or websites also worthy of your time. The list below is comprised of a few of my favorites but is not exhaustive! 

  • Matt Komo - Head of Social Content GoPro, need I say more?
  • Davis Paul - Former Creative Director GoPro, currently Creative Director Beautiful Destinations. Just click. 
  • Chris Rogers - YouTube/GoPro/Gdome. Chris Rogers always seems to be on/near water and I'm jealous.
  • Chris Yoder - Photo/Video. Last year I turned down a job offer in the music industry. It was a very difficult decision and is tough when I realize Chris Yoder is at the office and I probably would have gotten to meet and work with him. 
  • Montana Martz - Photo/Video. Montana's style is completely different than any other editors on this list. She also does a lot of animation work in her videos, which is incredibly time consuming.
  • Sam Kolder - Photo/Video. Sam Kolder is one of the content creators that really pulled me into following this world and his content has introduced me to more individuals to follow.
  • Matias DeRada - Photo/Video. I like to consider Matias an Instagram "friend". We chatted a few time over the past year about places for photos in Boulder as well as potential partnership with my previous employer. His posts and Instagram stories offer helpful tips and tricks for beginners in photo/video. He recently joined the Beautiful Destinations team, so go congratulate him!
  • Sawyer Hartman - Photo/Video. Sawyer's feed always has great color. He also offers several great Lightroom presets for editing.
  • Taylor Fischer - In addition to great content, Taylor has the funniest Instagram stories. A must watch.

Outdoor focused

  • Ryan Resatka - Photo/Video. Currently (October 2017) has some beautiful shots of fall color in the East.
  • Jacob Moon - Photo. His Instagram stories are full of beautiful views, product recommendations, and informational tidbits on each of his backpacking and camping trips.
  • Todd Harper - Photo/Video. To me, Todd Harper is synonymous with Vail valley and low angle GoPro shots of Aspen groves.
  • Nate Luebbe - Photo. Incredible color combined with adventure and exploration for the average outdoorsman/woman who aren't professional athletes (most of us).
  • Cory Richards - Climber/Photographer. Cory Richards was named National Geographic Adventurer of the year in 2012 and continues as a photographer for Nat Geo. In 2016, he climbed to the summit of Everest without supplemental oxygen in an expedition called #EverestNoFilter - a huge feat. I sat next to him at a restaurant in Boulder a week or two before he left for the trip and I fangirled pretty hard, later mad at myself for not talking to him. Cory and his climbing partner Adrian Ballinger documented the trek well on Snapchat. They hosted a few Q&A chats where I was able to talk to Cory while he was on the mountain! 


Designers & Creatives

This list is also not exhaustive and links to Twitter accounts for designers and creatives with intriguing work, stories, and voices. Many of these people have lead me to more creators in the industry.

  • Jessica Walsh - Designer & Art Director Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Dave Amirault - Director of Marketing Snowbird. Check out this AdWeek article about his latest campaign work.
  • Kory Stamper - Writer. One of the reasons Merriam-Webster is my favorite dictionary.
  • Mathew Sisson - Designer. Has worked with and organized Ignite Boulder and TedxBoulder
  • Adé Hogue - Freelance Art Director and Designer. He's into typography and lettering in case you are too.
  • Mikey Burton - Designer and Illustrator who makes rad t-shirts.
  • Timothy Goodman - I first found him by browsing TwoHands Paperie in Boulder when I stumbled across a book of his on Sharpie doodles and design. Check out a few of his many side projects as well.
  • Tim Nudd - Creative Editor Adweek. Tim always shares new ad campaigns and trends wth commentary on Twitter.
  • Archillect - This is a curious account. Archillect is a mood board of sorts that usually displays abstract forms or beautiful and sharp photography. Archillect is entirely human-free curation. "She" is driven by artificial intelligence that curates content using metadata and algorithms to give her audience more of what they engage in and enjoy. Read this VICE article if you're still confused.


Last and also least, this person doesn't really fall under either list.
But you should probably follow her anyway.


Give me your suggestions for creatively inclined humans to follow!