da font?

OK - I have been INCREDIBLY lazy on writing anything "industry" related. I rely heavily on my Twitter feed to update me on happenings and trends in the ad world and haven't been sharing anything here. Basically I've just been hitting RT.

Over the past year, I've become close friends with the graphic designer I worked with, Ashley. She's an incredible artist, designer, creative and all around human. 

learn about Ash here

She's taught me so much about design and typography, so I'll start my return to industry related topics with a nod to Ashley.

As a Twitter-loving millennial without television/cable I naturally discovered the skit as it was trending among the creatives I follow. I immediately sent a link to Ashley. 


Shoutout to all my design friends and creatives for opening my eyes to the world of bad design.

Take a peak at an entire anti-papyrus blog by clicking below.