How do you make airline safety fun?

I just recently arrived back stateside from my European adventure so it's fitting that my first ad related blog post of the summer is about Iceland Air. How does a company make a safety video or safety demo "fun" or engaging even?

As soon as the Iceland Air In-Flight Safety Video was completed, I jotted it down in my notes and knew I had to blog about it.

Check out the video below and even you'll be excited about In-Flight Safety.

From the start, the video doesn't seem to be anything special. I did enjoy the drawings that came in to animate the movements. 

I loved that the airline used the safety video to not only make some very important but often monotonous information engaging and exciting, but also used it as a marketing tool to promote tourism and "stop-overs" in Iceland. They took airplane safety instructions and perfectly paired them with a video of exploration, sight-seeing, and adventure. Each little piece of airplane direction related to what was occurring in the video- whether it was looking for an exit (on the map) or jumping down the emergency exit slide (off a waterfall). 

We briefly stopped in Iceland on the way to Europe but didn't see anything outside of the airport until we stopped in Iceland for two days on our way back to the states. On the first flight through Iceland, I became very excited for the two day stop-over on the way back!  

Nicely done, Iceland Air.