Dumb ways to die

Here's an ad that confuses me a bit. This Australian Public Service Announcement campaign was designed by Metro Trains to promote rail safety in November 2012. 

The tune is incredibly catchy and the video has many many awards! 

As of February 2015 the video had earned nearly 100 millions views and 4.8 million shares. 

The awards list goes on and on. The campaign won seven Webby Awards, including Best Animation Film & Video and Best Public Service & Activism. It also won New York Festivals International Advertising Award's Grand Trophy.

The video is the most awarded campaign in the history of Cannes with 28 Lions!

I believe the campaign was so well received because it's a very clever and creative spin on a PSA and happens to be incredibly catchy and funny.  

While it raked in the awards throughout 2014, I'm not sure it would do as well now in 2015 where video is increasing popular, but drastically shorter and viewers have shorter attention spans or desire to watch long videos. Everything is moving much faster now. Viewers may not watch  video that takes too long to load. This is forcing content creators to make messages simple and easy to understand. 

What's your opinion on the campaign? How do you think it would do if released today?