Business cards get a new face

As an undergraduate student, I'm continually revamping and polishing my resume.  

I often can't help but to look back at my first "resume" from about 13 years old that included my position as a Girl Scout Camp Program Aide (Junior Counselor), CPR Certification, hours of babysitting and ages of children, and reference information for families I babysat for. I'd say I had a "sophisticated" resume by age 13. I even made business cards. I had a nice WordArt logo and my company was ABC (Alex's Babysitting Company). At the time, I was proud of my WordArt logo.

Speaking of business cards, I've had this article bookmarked for a long time and just came across it again. The article is worth the quick read, but if that's just too much for you I've included a few pictures from it. 

These cards for a make-up artist and hairdresser make use of the negative space, allowing anyone to take creative control over the hair and makeup

I love the creativity allowed and evoked by these business cards. Comparing these business cards and the idea behind them really puts my ABC business cards to shame.