March 15, 1998

Yesterday was my parent's 18th wedding anniversary, but I really like to consider it our family's anniversary - not just theirs.

In honor of this milestone anniversary, I finally did something my family has talked about doing for years and years. This year I asked my dad to legally adopt me - we're a teenie bit slow sometimes...

18 years ago today, our family got married.

At the ceremony, you recited vows to me on one knee and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. My stubborn 5 year old self stared you down with the best stink eye I could muster up.

I still give you the stink eye and occasionally still call you a "pee all over yourself baby" but it's been years since I've called you Eric, because your name is Dad. 

The Garcia family is well known for procrastinating and always being late - we run on "Garcia time". So it's no surprise that it's taken so long for this to happen.

Today, I'm asking you to sign this little piece of paper so the State of Colorado can finally recognize what everyone else already does and what we already know - your are my dad and I am your little girl, forever. 


Alli Gee